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Not heading to a T3 Tablets Price In India good direction now. Are Testosterone Powder Uk they? Well I not a directioner so I simply couldn give a crap, but he never seemed like he was the main star or anything, it seemed like stupid Harry Styles was. They slowly falling apart, it been 5 years since their band started, though. I heard some rumours about Harry leaving next though, but he do anything for attention. I mean it was gonna happen, oh c you know that the time was gonna come soon enough. Right? Well I did at least. I heard he just wanted to be like any 22 year old, HE SAID IT AND I REMEMBERED! So that later I could have the last laugh when he drives a 10 year old Honda Civic like a thug life kid, and live in somebody basement and wear a sweat suit. Mhmm It all good so I think he just finding new directions and getting tired of doing this stuff but I don blame him? It happens sometimes, but maybe for the best though which people need to respect. I may not be sure if he leaving so he can seek attention or if he tired of the attention.

yes zayn is leaving but he isnt leaving for good. he signed a contract that whenever he is ready he can come back. I understan why he left i mean management hasnt let the boys really have a break and they have been going non stop for 5 years. they ar always in the spotlight and never get time alone. They are always traveling and dont always get to see family. Doing this since about 16 17 years old its alot for young people. yes i am part of this fandom and everyone know that zayn loved his job this was hard for him. hes not gone forever.

Okay. Ive always been a Zayn girl. He was the guy I had to take a second look at the first time I saw him and I immediately liked him once I heard him sing. Zayn never really wanted to be a "POP STAR" he wanted to sing things like R rap, hiphop. Doesn anyone remember his audition for xfactor? He sang Let Me Love You by Mario. R Lately the band started leaning more towards Rock. Indie rock/pop. Zayn simply didn like the Image. And also, He always the one being hated on. He gets attacked with rumors for no reason because from the begining he had that image. the bad boy image. He owned it. but then all these rumors came around and he got fed up. Boybands dont last long, 5 years at the most. Its sad but true, I always knew hed be the first to leave. Look at him, his pics over the years, You can see how unhappy hes been. Hes lost tons of weight!!!! over half his weight probably. His eyes are glassy. They never look bright and alive anymore. He done with the boyband image. Hes fed up with these crazy fans, his only true fans are the ones defending him, the ones who may be heartbroken but aren killing themselves or cutting. Those little shits cutting, haha they are not his fans. They are not true directioners. They these psychos who need to be locked up in a padded room. Nuff said.

Tbh, I always saw it coming. Knowing Testosterone Gel Suppliers this band for 5 years now, you can really tell who was happy and who wasn t or if they were happy with their performance or not. Zayn was never ever truly happy. Look back at their interviews, you can tell. He s dropping hints everywhere. Take being quiet for example, if he really did want to be doing the interviews he d be the first one to answer! He s always wanted to work in the R part of the music world. He wanted to rap on their new album but guess what? Their management told him it didn t sound like him. I think this is when he started to just feel left out. He s ALWAYS been feeling like that. Especially since he s the one who s always being picked on by e v e r y o n e. Zayn has had it tough being part of the band. Also, he s the type of person "Comprar Gh Jintropin" that if he doesn Hgh Jintropin Avis t get what he wants, he ll do it because he knows it will make him happy and his management has never let him express himself (knowing this from past events) So, if you re going to blame anyone with this situation. Blame their management.

I felt extremely sad at first and I do realize it is only the 12th day of him leaving but in some ways I just wish he would of gave Generieke Levitra Kopen us more of a heads up and explained more. I mean he hasn even been back on Twitter. At the same time though I want him to be happy so if that what it takes for him to be happy you can blame him sometimes you have to choose what you want rather than let Levitra 20 other people constantly control your decision. I feel somewhat let down that he was unhappy for a long time and never really tried to tell us I mean we couldn of done much but maybe some of his undescribable sadness could have been prevented. But I would like the whole truth to know why because like what made you unhappy and to answer all the rumors. Sorry for ranting about this I just have a ton of emotions and don really know where this is going but yeah. :)

"What I "Jintropin China Supplier" found in the past is as things get on, and as they get girlfriends, the girlfriends are whispering things in their ears and saying like, 'You should be a solo star,' 'You should be the lead singer.' That's usually the problem," Louis told Ireland's RTE Radio One

also, i believe that naughty boy influence zayn like perrie could have. Saying things to him like: you should become a solo artist. because notice that zayn was seen going to a studio, naughty boys studio. they have been working on something for a while we all know. but didnt zayn say he wanted to be a NORMAL 22 year old, last time i checked recording songs as a solo artist wasnt being a normal 22 yr old.

and perrie was seen SMILING the day after zayn left! hmm? this is more proof to the theory that she influenced him to leave, to be a solo singer. because when you convince someone into doing something you are usually pretty happy.